Family-Friendly Canyon Hotels: Why visit Utah With Your Kids
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Family-Friendly Canyon Hotels: Why visit Utah With Your Kids

The family vacations from our childhood are the most precious memories we have. Creating those memories with our own families is becoming more and more complicated, and it is a common belief that it's impossible to travel with kids; they require a lot of things, sleeping in new places can be challenging for them, and finding a family-friendly place to stay can be more complicated than one would imagine. If you have kids who want to explore the outdoors as much as you do, don't worry! We can help you find the best canyon hotels in Utah for your family adventure! Keep reading to find great stays and other ways to make traveling with kids easier. 


Why Choose Utah for a Family Vacation? 

Utah is one of the most family-friendly vacation hot spots because of its national parks, wildlife, world-famous zoo, and so much more! Another attractive feature of Utah is the uniqueness of Southern Utah; you can go skiing and golfing all in one day and hike and explore some of the world's most famous National Parks the next day! 


Take your time planning your next trip to Utah because there is much to see and do 

What Makes a Hotel Family Friendly? 

Not all hotels are created equally, especially when it comes to how family-friendly they can be! Canyon hotels are often geared toward friend groups and romantic getaways, so finding somewhere to stay that is kid-friendly can be hard to do! We encourage you to stay in a central location like Kanab, Utah so that you can have access to as many of Utah and Arizona's beautiful wonders as possible! The Canyons Boutique Hotel is an excellent option for those who are looking for a place to stay with the whole family. 


What Makes The Canyon Hotels Collection Family Friendly  


All 28 renovated guest rooms and suites at The Canyons Hotel and there is sure to be one you love. Our rooms offer plush new beds, custom-made, spa-quality bath products, complimentary wireless internet, and DirectTV. We offer many different sizes and styles of rooms, from one-bed to a two-bedroom loft; we can accommodate families and all their needs. 


As part of The Canyons Collection, you will have full access to the pool located at The Canyons Lodge where you can relax and soak in the sun! 



What Makes Utah Kid Friendly


Utah is known to be family-friendly, with a wide variety of activities to choose from that are all close to the canyon hotels.


Each one of these activities can be easily accessible from Kanab, Utah, or is close to Salt Lake International Airport, so you can explore while waiting for your flight!



If you can't find something great to do with kids in Utah, then you need to look harder! 



Don't Leave Home Without The Necessities 


A family vacation isn't memorable without forgetting at least one very important stuffed animal or a favorite blankey, so when making your packing list, so make sure you write those things down twice!


On top of the kids' necessary items, you will want to pack a wide variety of things when you travel to Utah. Start by packing some good coats. Kanab might be in the desert, but it still gets cold, and you will want to be prepared. It's best to dress in layers so that you can be comfortable throughout the day. Along with the proper clothes, you will want to pack appropriate shoes. The sand at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes can be hot to the touch, so you will want some shoes that you can stay comfortable in but won't fill up with sand. You'll also want to pack a swimsuit and shoes to wear to The Canyons Lodge Pool.



In the end, planning a family vacation to one of Utah's canyon hotels is a great way to create those cherished family vacation memories. As parents, we may find traveling with kids challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Your family adventure awaits in the great outdoors of Utah. The beauty of its national parks, wildlife, and diverse activities make it a top-tier family vacation destination. When it comes to accommodations, not all hotels are created equal, but The Canyons Hotel stands out as family-friendly accommodation with its renovated rooms and access to the pool at The Canyons Lodge. 


Utah's kid-friendly attractions are aplenty, and packing essentials for your trip ensures everyone stays comfortable and ready for adventure. Utah is calling, and it's time to create new family memories! Book your adventure today!